DevTools version 0.1.0

I proudly announce that DevTools version 0.1.0 was just released. I hope it can help you as much as possible when developing your great project. DevTools link:

Use Cases:

  • Check or create Laravel’s password using BCrypt;
  • Create password for old system using MD5;
  • Check your current IP Address;
  • Edit JSON data with the visual editor;
  • Unserialize a string that serialized in PHP;

Kick-start project with following tools:

  • Data Serialization: PHP Unserialize;
  • Hashing & Cipher: Base64, Bcrypt, Blowfish, CRC32, MD5, RIPEMD-160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512;
  • Network: My IP Address;
  • JSON: Editor;

I still develop DevTools with more and more better tools. Please feel free to drop us a feedback in Guestbook.

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